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The Brussels Connection A few months ago I was asked to create a new project for my company in Europe. It meant being away from home four or five nights a week, staying at wonderful hotels. It was intended to last only three months, and the money that I was offered was not of this world. The first weeks were fantastic, the food in restaurants, live like a gentleman of leisure, and the novelty faded. pornthunder A hotel began, are similar, and I always got bored and lonely. Everything changed one night in Brussels. I had just eaten pornthunder a light lunch, when our European IT Director, Lesley subsidy from the bistro. 'David ? Hello, I thought it was you,' greeted me and kissed me on both cheeks, sat next to me. I have introduced in the last week and that her dark eyes were hypnotized, and the tight athletic body. One of my employees told me he had a 'reputation ' among employees of women and have more thana leader at home, sent his local music directors face. without taking a breath, she called the waitress and ordered a coffee. As he stood at his side, I felt the hidden storage Lesley foot slide around my ankles, by the great white tablecloth. She attracted attention with the maids and foot pushed the leg, with the obvious effect on my boxers. loved every moment of my shame suffocated, and gave me a sly look of sensual eyes. pornthunder Lesley was fun, ' Feely - sensitive ' type of person that nothing seemed excited and are incredibly confident, pornthunder it is not surprising, since a 40-something multi -millionaire. ' How do you like ? Is the hotel that serve? ' She laughed when she winked at me. I said it was great, but with being away so much, I was bored and could not wait to get home for some female company. She looked me in the face, 'we have the cure' - You can not ' feel our hunger executivesof affection ' over coffee, Lesley encouraged me with stories about his life, had a vineyard manager in Spain, a market trader in London, and even a' lingerie model 'in Japan, 'The pornthunder Japanese demand for long legs and nylons are fascinated ',,,,,, ' the work was done for me, I was more than a little sad when the contract ended, ' I felt compelled me:' why is the money good? 'She smiled,,,,,' the quality pornthunder was very good,' but it was the attention of men I miss ',,,,,,' Eastern boys know how to find a girl alone in a foreign country, ' says she smiled, licking her full red lips and pierced my hungry thoughts and deep dark eyes. We finished our coffee, and slid her feet back into her black stilettos. Accidentally knocked her purse on the floor, ' a dear and get me, ' I grabbed the side of the table on the removal of rogue elements, lifted the edge of the table to pornthunder display their beautiful long legs, as my eyes traced along its elegantT-shape, which conforms to their seats and opened her legs a little. I was surprised about, I could see the tops of their stockings, and I could not help noticing that he had nothing to cover her modesty. I sat down and put her bag next to his hand on the table and stared. She leaned back, allowing one arm over the chair, the other a look at the bottom of his black, her cleavage looked so warm and welcoming. My cock sprang to immediate attention could, I feel like my face feel very warm and sweat on the collar of my shirt. ' What opportunities does the hotel, ' she asked, a swimming pool,,,, and missing a vapor,,,,,',,,,,,,,, I think, ' I stammered. ' I go swimming, will become of me ? ' He asked. 'I have no bathing suit with me,' shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. pornthunder ' I will buy something, come with me', and the next thing I knew I stood in the hotel shop and stopped in front of a pair of white shortsme: 'They look like their size, ' she smiled. 'It may be, however, the color, which could not cover much !',,,' What do you mean,' he said with a threat in his eyes. ' I laughed, ' white, has a habit of see through when wet when I pulled a couple of modest dark pornthunder blue. ' No, I like this,' he said as he passed me, said the wizard, which will allow the company bill. I gave him, he said: 'I 'm going to play in the pool. ' Then he disappeared. I walked into the boys locker room was completely empty, and I saw my reflection in the dressing room mirror : 'My God, my neighborhood, the man is still semi -erect and put ' I thought so. What will he think when I go to one side of the pool. shame and self- consciously, I went in the direction of Maria Elena, who was the only person in the pool. she looked very well, and tending to the side. Her breasts were firm about to drop her top and panties were so low and small, who could notcover all your beautiful ass. His dark pornthunder hair was thick and wavy, his tanned, muscular body seemed in the afternoon Sun bounced off the water rises to dance with her perfect curves impressive. waved and beckoned me to his side. 'I was right, you look great. His wife is a very pornthunder happy woman now feels guilty every time I go. ' I got into the cold water, which immediately pornthunder made ​​my cock noticeably low the material. 'I'm glad to see me? ' She laughed, her eyebrows. I smiled as I swam away, while a simple chest movement. He quickly reached, and chatted with me while swimming. After five minutes I was tired, so we stopped. pornthunder I spoke at the pool - side, while Lesley was mocking me for not being fit, and I was tormented by pornthunder tickling the sides and diving between my legs and pulled at my feet. I could not remember the last time I laughed a lot. ' Let's go into the Jacuzzi,' he said as he climbed into the pool. She had already began to blow, as I approached. The smile on her face told me something was wrong, I looked down my pants,,,,,, pornthunder be transparent ! Not only she could see my penis semi -erect, but my pubic hair was also clearly visible! I looked surprised, and did so to cover myself with my hands. The fact that I was with her, I exciting. ' You do not have to do, ' They look very masculine, assured me, when I sat by his side. His constant chatter and flirt with the hot bubble has combined relaxing, very quickly. Lesley put her arm around my shoulder and began to whisper how sexy and beautiful she was and how much I would believe, when she had met me in the interview. Then, kissing, nibbling my ear, I felt great, I slipped my hands around the waist and the top of the bikini got her nipples hard time to reveal. One hand slowly stroking my shoulder as he slid to the other in my shorts I had stopped, but not have sex more than a week, andthat made my cock so hard, his hand rolling pornthunder the tip of my stiff cock as she sucked my nipples. 'Are you okay? ' She whispered, stroking my erection back and forth. I was short of breath and nodded. I came to the front of her bikini bottom and inserted a finger and pressed my hand against her clitoris. Only my wrist, I built a rhythm, fingering and rubbing her clit. She pulled his cock so smoothly,,,, I did a straw in the water, I was able to shoot just check the pulse in her hand, she felt so good I had to press my face into his neck to let me. I was screaming orgasm through her ​​tears. Leaned back and arched her body to the full enforcement of current through your body, she sank forward and kissed me passionately on the neck, he sighed, 'Fuck me, fuck me' in my ear. If you opened my eyes. she said, ' Let's go to pornthunder the steam room. ' My legs were shaking pornthunder when we entered. Lesley whispered the young wizard, the Grinnerd, while taking some towels. ' I told him I did not pornthunder € 50, to bother. ' The boy blinked as he opened the door. Obviously, it was incredibly hot, but not going to stop. Once inside, he began to kiss, all languages ​​and passion. I unclipped her bra and threw it down. hands and ran my tongue over her nipples, moaning, he gave to his knees and started sucking on hot button at the bottom of my shaft. As he did his underwear pulled her aside to expose her pussy wet and hot. We were sweating a lot, which made the scene more sexy. ' Fuck me ' she whispered in my ear. She sat on the bench and showed her sweet round ass in the air, she moaned and moaned softly while pushing my dick inside her, slowly at first. Workstations and is directed backwards, pressing against her clitoris. I pornthunder went into this for a few minutes, then pornthunder stopped, leaned over and kissed the hem of his shell, successfullyKing rosebud in her clit hard. ' I do not want to make love. ' She purred, 'I want to fuck me fuck pornthunder me ! Put it in ! Fuck me! ' With a push, I got into it. I gasped and moaned. My cock felt wonderful that fills her pussy. each deep thrust made ​​her moan a little harder, sweat dripping from two of our bodies as hammering, fucking like a wild animal. easing back, Lesley told me ' on my knees became incredibly in and bathed in sweat. I took the position that they wanted. Her legs were wide apart for easy access. He stood in front of me and squeezed her pussy against my face, my tongue pushes the lips. I felt his body tense as he poured into my mouth and see my face, that sweet, sticky hot running down my face and fell on my chest. ' like this? 'I asked. ' Yes, 'I whispered. ' I can not hear. What do you have ? For example, ' he laughed. 'Yes ! Yes ! I like it ! 'I cried. I've always wanted my wife to speak, so that during intercourse, but she was never very smart, very natural to pornthunder them. She loved to mourn and express their own voice, while experiencing the joy, and it was like a magic switch. ' What do you like ? He said. What do you like !' He continued: ' I ​​love it sucked! ' I groaned, as he was hanging on the wooden seat. ' mmmmmmmmmm ' They took my cock in her mouth and started sucking more and more difficult, playing with her ​​pussy while she sucked, she was working on my cock, teasing me with the tip of the tongue. She was always so returned to pornthunder the situation, pushed his fingers deep into her pussy while she eagerly soaking Kauto on my button. I was getting to the point of no return, which opened in front of my breasts are beautiful in it, she loved it, I rubbed her breasts stirred semen to shoot. She masturbates wildly and sucked the semen left at the end of the tail. we sink into soft white towels and panting, exhausted by the experienceAfter a moment, walked over and patted them, while again. If I had dressed, I was surprised to see Lesley 's waiting for me in the groin. She took a martini and a glass of whiskey for me. embarrassing for my conduct in connection with a stranger, who is also my boss, I did not know whether to laugh or mourn. , I muttered, 'Sorry, pornthunder I am very sad. That should never happen again. You have to tell anyone what I did. ' You took my hand, 'As long as you agree to keep seeing me, But no, never caught, ' he paused : '.. ? If not, who knows what I would, ' he smiled, his eyes told me it was not serious, just make fun of my ego. barely slept that night pornthunder thinking about it, Lesley. The sex was better than anything I've experienced during or before my marriage. I wanted more, but I knew I only had your evening entertainment. I'm in Brussels, but if the company needs someone to ' clinch ' I am only an ordera phone call away ! And Lesley has always liked their top executives in the area. David
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